Board of Directors

Heather Baber
Fayette County

Peter Brown
Fayette County

Audrey Carr
Scott County

Kathy Carter
Franklin  County

Brian Dufresne
Fayette County

H. “Gippy” Graham
Franklin County

Joe Graviss
Woodford County

Judy Hillard
Franklin County

Stephanie Humes
Fayette County

Stacia Kaufmann
Fayette County

Don Pasley
Vice Chair
Clark County

Barbara Yeary Patrick
Anderson County

Donna J. Smith
Fayette County

Karen Williams, MD
Fayette County

Sherry Culp
Fayette  County

The NHOA Board of Directors meet regularly the fourth Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at 3:00 PM. Call (859) 277-9215 for meeting location.

NHOA’s Whistleblower Policy