Family Care Homes Info

  • A family care home is a private home that has been licensed to provide room, board, and some basic care services to up to 3 adults not related to the family. FCHs provide care for adults who require some assistance, but also need love, companionship, and support.

  • Family care homes:

    • Provide personal care
    • Have a family atmosphere
    • Are usually less expensive than assisted living or nursing home care
    • Are usually located in a regular neighborhood
  • FCHs can help you get the information you need to start your own family care home. We will:

    • Tell you which state and local agencies to contact to get started
    • Give you state guidelines, rules and regulations for family care homes
    • Provide education and training sessions
    • Help you make contact with other operators who can offer advice and support

    If you are interested in becoming a family care home operator (in the state of Kentucky), email with your name, address and phone number, or call (859) 223-9115.